Meet Melissa Ashkinaze

Melissa Ashkinaze


Get to Know Me

Melissa grew up in Montvale, New Jersey. In 2019 she moved to Kansas City for love; she and her fiancée now live in Brookside with their cat Garth Brooks and their French Bulldog, Cheeto. She loves the community-oriented neighborhood and how close they are to restaurants and parks.

Lots of things have changed for Melissa since her Great Midwest Move. She’s gotten used to living far away from her mom and sister, developed a taste for Kansas City barbecue, and changed career paths–from a job in marketing and advertising in New York to earning her real estate license in Missouri and Kansas. Through it all, Melissa has always known the importance of home–the right home for her and for her loved ones. Garth needs plenty of space: he’s an independent cat who likes to lounge in sun spots or on his cat tree. Cheeto has a whole room dedicated to his playpen, his toys, and wardrobe. Melissa has a walk-in closet for her shoe collection and her fiancée has a spot to store her nail polish to live out her nail art dreams.

What truly sets Melissa apart is her uncontainable enthusiasm for tackling challenges head-on and finding innovative solutions. Her creative prowess is matched only by her ability to foster strong relationships and seamlessly integrate into teams. We are confident that her presence will inject renewed energy into our collective efforts, propelling us further towards our shared goals. What you want for your home will be as unique as you–or your pets! Melissa knows how important it is to find the right house to make into a home.

As we embark on this journey together, let us embrace the potential of collaboration and growth that Melissa brings to our table. Her arrival marks not only a new chapter in their own professional story but also an exciting phase in the evolution of Real Estate. With her insights, skills, and fresh perspectives, we are poised to reach greater heights and uncover new opportunities that will redefine our trajectory.

So let us extend a warm welcome to Melissa! Together, let us chart a course toward innovation, achievement, and unparalleled success. Here's to a future filled with groundbreaking achievements and collaborative triumphs!